Lifetime Deal: Goo.Chat The All-In-One Platform for Customer Messaging

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Lifetime pricing starts at $49.00

Goo.Chat is an all-in-one widget that allows businesses to communicate with customers across multiple channels, including SMS, social media, chatbots, and live chat, from a single interface.

With Goo.Chat, customers can benefit from real-time live chat, video tutorials, user-friendly FAQs, and a drag-and-drop chatbot builder. By managing all your business in one place, businesses can build a comprehensive online customer support strategy that integrates all communication channels.

Goo.Chat also provides YouTube or Vimeo training videos, allowing customers to choose between written and visual content. FAQs are kept up-to-date, ensuring that customers get precise and straightforward answers.

Additionally, businesses can fully customize their chatbots, with options to choose text, button options, images, emojis, videos, audio, and rating systems. Goo.Chat offers unlimited live chat conversations, unlimited chat history, and analytics, among others. The plan details include one domain, up to six operators, live typing, notes, canned responses, visitor info, email support, and Goo.Chat branding.

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