Lifetime Deal: Kleptofinder The Perfect Solution to Tracking Stolen Images

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Lifetime pricing starts at $89.99

Kleptofinder Lifetime Deal is a tool designed to look for stolen images on social media, blogs, and websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Why Choose Kleptofinder?

Your digital property, including photos, is your creative work and belongs to you. However, with billions of images being shared online daily, it is challenging to ensure that nobody steals your work. With Kleptofinder, you can take control of your digital property by reporting copyright infringements, and our legal team will ensure its removal from the offending account.

Kleptofinder also assists with the retrieval of deserved compensation from businesses that use your photos without your consent. You have the right to dispute any copyright infringements, and our legal team operates on a no-fees-unless-we-win basis. We have already found thousands of illegally copied images and have compensated hundreds of authors for their unfair use.

With Kleptofinder, you have power at your fingertips – whether it’s your creative photos, portraits, art photos or stock images – and can be confident knowing that you are in good hands.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Kleptofinder uses Artificial Intelligence to scour the internet, find stolen photos and remember them. Unlike other tools out there, Kleptofinder doesn’t require manual photo uploads. Instead, you can paste your website link or Instagram account and let our AI do the work.

With a single click of a button, you will receive a list of websites where your photos are published without your consent. Kleptofinder’s unique piece of software requires no manual uploads, no risk to privacy, and no time wasted.

Plan Details:

– 5k credits (5k images)
– AI tool that scours the internet, finds pictures and remembers them
– Does not require manual photo uploading
– Presents you with a list of websites where your photos are published without consent, all with one click
– Legal team aid in reporting copyright infringement and ensures removal from offending accounts.

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