Auto Affiliate Links for WordPress $79 Lifetime Exclusive Deal

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Lifetime pricing

I am Lucian Apostol, the creator of Auto Affiliate Links. In 2011, while managing several WordPress blogs focused on content, I began this project. Updating and adding affiliate links seemed to be a lengthy and tedious task. Merchants frequently changed their affiliate network, closed their affiliate programs, or altered their links, prompting my blogs to have numerous broken links. I discovered that this issue could be resolved by automating the process, and thus Auto Affiliate Links was born. Over the last 11 years, it has developed into a comprehensive affiliate management plugin with various degrees of link-adding automation.

With Auto Affiliate Links, users can:
👉 Automatically add links using keyword-link pairs.
👉 Automatically add links from multiple big affiliate networks directly to products or categories.
👉 Cloak links and provide an affiliate links disclosure.
👉 Customize class, CSS, color, and other design settings.
👉 Set link limits for the same keyword, link, number of links, etc.
👉 Exclude posts, categories, and specific keywords.
👉 Establish link target and relation meta tags for individual or all links.

If you’re curious whether it can be used on multiple sites, supports custom post types, or tracks link click statistics, the answer is YES.

We can provide specific support for those hooks if you need it to work with the content created by other plugins that utilize custom hooks instead of WordPress’s default hooks. We’ve already added support for dozens of additional plugins, such as Buddypress, TablePress, WpForo, WooCommerce, BBpress, Advanced Custom Fields, Asgaro Forum, Peepso, Recipe Maker, Events Manager, and Elementor.

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