Klynk: AI-Powered Email Campaigns That Resemble Human Interaction

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Klynk is an AI-powered Chrome extension that can write and automate customer-focused email campaigns that actually convert.

With Klynk, you get an AI-powered Chrome extension that lets you create customer-centric email campaigns in minutes, without sounding robotic.

Whether you’re booking demos, collecting reviews, or signing up for trials, all you have to do is fill out a prompt to get started.

This tool even lets you specify the terms of your trial offers, including trial duration, limited features, and payment methods.

Email template

Create AI-powered email campaigns in minutes for any use case.

Personalize every email of your campaign by plugging up to five keywords relevant to your offers and target audience.

You can set the tone and word count to match your brand voice and style, so you’re not jumping back in to edit everything.

With AI-powered templates, it only takes a few prompts to send emails that resonate with your audience and capture higher conversions.

Personalization settings

Personalize your emails with tone settings and up to five keywords.

You’ll be able to choose from prebuilt follow-up sequences designed to convert random internet strangers into brand-new customers.

Klynk offers follow-ups tailored to different campaign types, allowing you to drive action and conversions with calls to action.

For example, you can direct your audience to sign up for demos or click through to book a call with someone on your team.

Call to action

Drive conversions with calls to action tacked onto your follow-up sequences.

To make campaign management totally seamless, Klynk lets you integrate this tool into your existing workflows.

You can push content to your emailing systems to capture data automatically and set up multi-channel outreach without breaking a sweat.

This tool also lets you integrate with Mailchimp, HubSpot, Active Campaign, and other popular tools that power your workday.


Integrate Klynk into your existing workflow to automate your campaigns.

Thanks to modern AI technology, AI-written emails don’t have to sound like literal robots. (“Move over, SmarterChild, there’s a new genius in town.”)

Klynk’s AI helps you create email campaigns without sacrificing the relatable personality that catches people’s attention.

Humanize your email marketing.

Get lifetime access to Klynk today!

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