Lifetime Deal on Sentinel: Enhance Security with 2-Factor Authentication

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Lifetime pricing starts at $25.00

Lifetime access to Sentinel

What if there existed an Authenticator app that was synchronized on all your devices, accessible only to you and was encrypted? That is exactly what Sentinel Lifetime Deal provides.

Sentinel is an app for 2-factor authentication that makes managing the process easier. It is compatible with iOS, watchOS, and macOS and uses iCloud Keychain to store and transfer data between devices.

Forget the days when you had to transfer Google Authenticator from your old device, Sentinel eliminates the hassle. It also includes an option to organize your tokens into folders, backup your data, customize the UI and themes with over 1000 icons to choose from. You can easily create a Pull Request or open an issue on the GitHub repository for missing icons.

Sentinel lifetime deal is trusted by employees and allows tokens to be stored securely while organized in folders such as Work, Personal, Crypto, Social, etc. Access your two-factor authentication tokens simply and easily on any device.

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