Popupular Lifetime Deal

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Lifetime pricing starts at $99.00

Popupular Lifetime Deal

Popupular offers easy integration of a sign-up form, help article, or explanatory visuals and more into a popup that is fully controllable, with just a few clicks.

Key Features of Popupular include setting popup triggers, defining page rules, segmenting users, scheduling playback, and utilizing special playback effects.

Popupular provides a wide range of services to choose from, such as Mailchimp forms, Calendly calendars, webpages, YouTube videos, Soundcloud clips, images, and many more.

With the Google Chrome extension, you can create, edit, and preview popup designs directly on your website(s) without needing to write any code.

Popupular’s plan details include 100k popup views/month, unlimited popups, a multi-user account with unlimited teammates, the ability to assign access to specific sites, audience targeting & segmentation, and scheduled playback.

Images of the Product Dashboard are available.

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