A blogging platform called Swish designed for SEO optimization

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Swish is a zero-maintenance blogging platform that lets you manage your blog, automate SEO tasks, and monitor analytics for each post.

Swish is built to take on all the nitty gritty details that go into maintaining a blog. Just post content, or import existing content from Medium, WordPress, and DEV to get started.

Swish will optimize images, add an RSS feed, and manage all the technical aspects of running a blog for fast loading times and a seamless reading experience.

Say goodbye to using random, third-party analytics tools! This platform lets you collect analytics for your posts and save user information without cookies.

Evaluate site traffic sources like referrals, pages, countries, and devices.

Swish is also packed with SEO features to make sure your posts rank high on search engines.

This platform will compress or lazy load images, cache pages, use custom domains, and get a perfect score on Google Lighthouse—even if you’re not an SEO expert.

Want to improve your site’s architecture? Take advantage of canonical URLs to group similar pages and make your content more accessible to visitors.

Easily view performance metrics and best practices to improve your SEO strategy.

Best of all, Swish supports third-party integrations like Medium, WordPress, Disqus, and Google Analytics to fit right into your workflow.

That means you can add comments, cross-post to other platforms, import posts from various sources, and restrict posts to subscribers.

Plus, the custom code integration lets you integrate more services into the platform—even if they’re not directly supported by Swish.

Integrate with different blogging tools and platforms to upgrade your blog’s functionality.

Swish allows unlimited users on every plan, so you can get your entire team onboard and assign different roles and permissions for each user.

Set predefined roles and permissions for administrators, editors, reviewers, authors, and contributors to boost collaboration.

You can even invite clients with limited permissions to view project progress, which is super useful for marketing agencies.

View and edit user permissions for team members, clients, and collaborators.

With a dynamic blogging platform in your tech stack, running your blog is as easy as running your dishwasher. (“I can’t believe I used to do this by hand.”)

Swish is packed with features and integrations to help you manage a high-quality blog, so you can just focus on writing awesome content.

Grow your blog without breaking a sweat.

Get lifetime access to Swish today!

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