Gumlet Video: The Ultimate Solution to Hosting, Securely Streaming, and Managing Videos

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Gumlet Video is a video hosting platform that allows you to securely upload, optimize, and stream videos, while also tracking detailed analytics.


Gumlet Video lets you directly upload your videos or source them from cloud storage, allowing you to manage all your video content in one place.

Say goodbye to long upload queue times! You will instantly receive video URLs after uploading your videos, thanks to parallel video processing.

You can also organize your SEO video content using collections, folders, and profiles, making it easy to find precisely what you want.

This platform seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. You can set up integrations with APIs or Zapier, and publish videos to different channels with Embedly support.


Edit the video title, description, thumbnail, subtitles, and more—all in one place!

Gumlet Video uses per-title encoding for the highest possible compression without compromising on quality, so you can deliver stunning streaming experiences.

Give your audience a buffer-free experience powered by adaptive bitrate streaming in HLS and H.264 and H.265 video compression, and pick your resolution (240p to 4K).

And because this platform uses multiple CDNs for low-latency global streaming and reliability, your streaming will feel seamless—even on mobile.


Optimize your videos with per-title encoding, so you can compress content without sacrificing quality.

Gumlet Video allows you to create a branded video player using your company’s colors, logo, or watermark.

You will have complete control over how your logo looks on the player by adjusting height, width, and position until pixel-perfect.

Plus, you can select which frame to use as the thumbnail, or upload an image or GIF to use in its place.

You can even publish your videos with multiple subtitles and audio tracks to reach global audiences.


Showcase your videos and customize the player with your own branding.

Gumlet Video also provides digital rights management (DRM), dynamic watermarks, geo-blocking, signed URL access tokens, and storage encryptions to protect your videos from piracy.

You can access detailed engagement and playback analytics from the video analytics dashboard to understand how viewers interact with your content.

Sort data across different metrics, filters, and other parameters, so you can make data-backed decisions about your video content.

Best of all, you can always reach out for customer support via chat, email, or the community support forum.


Collect detailed video analytics to gain insights that will help you grow your audience.

When you have the audience right where you want them, you cannot risk them getting lured away to someone else’s content. (“Don’t look at the recommended videos, look at me.”)

That’s why Gumlet Video is packed with features to assist you in creating a high-quality, uninterrupted video experience that reflects your brand.

Streamline your video workflow.

Get lifetime access to Gumlet Video today!

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