Retable: A User-Friendly Data Management Tool

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Retable is a data management platform that lets you visualize, manage, and analyze your data to create intelligent apps that boost productivity.

Retable gives you everything you need to visualize your data with custom views like grid, calendar, kanban, and gallery so you can see what’s going on.

You’ll be able to view address data on an interactive map, which is perfect for organizing employee and customer geolocations.

And the platform’s handy form view allows you to collect and analyze data from users in just a few clicks.


Visualize your data with the tool that makes the most sense to you.

Retable lets you create workspaces for different projects or departments, so you can keep everything organized.

You can invite team members to your workspaces and set specific permissions based on their unique roles.

Because you can comment on rows or discuss the project in chat, it’s easy to collaborate in real-time with your team.

Plus, the platform keeps a record of changes to your database that you can instantly access in the project history.


Collaborate with team members in real-time via comments in your workspace.

This platform is packed with over 20 column features, letting you organize and sort all kinds of data like phone numbers, email addresses, and dates.

Using the formula column, you can add Excel-style formulas to your worksheets to help you crunch all your numbers in a snap.

You’ll also be able to embed pictures into your database, which is super useful for employee or product lists.

Best of all, you can use Retable as a project management tool! Add attachments, URLs, and statuses, then assign collaborators to any row.


With over 20 column types, Retable makes handling all data forms simple.

Create automation that streamlines your workflow so that you can free yourself from the chore of tedious, repetitive tasks.

You can create custom triggers that run when rows are changed, cells are updated, forms are submitted, or even when the clock strikes twelve.

This increases team productivity and will refocus your attention on high-level work, like analyzing metrics or making strategic decisions.


Automate repetitive tasks to boost your team’s productivity and simplify workflows.

When using a powerful data management platform, you’ll have only one data problem left. (“Is it pronounced dah-tuh or day-tuh?”)

Retable gives you access to tons of dynamic features to help you organize, analyze, and securely share your data without a hitch.

Manage your data, your way.

Get lifetime access to Retable today!

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