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If you’re looking to increase your sales and customer engagement without spending hours writing copy or perfecting your sales pitch, you need CLOSEM! This easy-to-use tool takes the hassle out of follow-up by providing you with professionally-written, personalizable, customizable messages that are proven to convert leads into customers.

With CLOSEM, you can send a campaign of text, email, postal and voice messages in just minutes, no technical skills required. These high-converting campaigns generate 80% more business over sending a single message follow-up, so you can sit back and watch your sales soar. Say goodbye to the stress of follow-up and hello to effortless sales with CLOSEM!

With CLOSEM, tracking your leads, prospects and customers has never been easier. The one-click automation feature allows you to set up reminders and follow-ups with just a single click, so you can focus on closing sales.

What’s more, the platform’s omni-channel automation lets you reach your prospects through email, text, voice, and even postal mail. Set appointments and send reminders and reduce no-shows. You can now stay on top of your sales game and make sure you never miss a chance to seal the deal with CLOSEM’s streamlined automation tools.

Email alone isn’t enough to build relationships. Adding SMS to your email campaign can more than double your open rate and engagement, and adding postal mail to your digital campaign results in a massive increase in sales. Don’t be limited by email and SMS. Adding postal to your mix is a total game-changer! CLOSEM is the only automated follow-up tool that integrates postal with email, voice, and SMS.

The average ROI for direct mail is $4.09 for every $1.27 spent. Here’s why:

– Postal has the highest ROI of all media.
– 73% of American consumers prefer being contacted via direct mail because they can read mail at their own convenience.
– More than 70% of Gen X consumers feel mail is more personal than online digital communications and are more likely to read mail than email.
– Nearly 90% of Millennials love receiving mail.
– Postal outperforms digital response rates by 600%.
– Postal generates a higher brand recall among consumers.
– Postal is guaranteed to be seen by 90% of your audience.
– Postal is very very “sticky” – the average lifespan of a mailer is 17 days!
– Postal is the best way to break the ice when prospecting, far better than trying to engage with email alone.

Elevate your game with CLOSEM! If you’re tired of generic business communication that rarely elicits any response, it’s time to give CLOSEM a try. This innovative platform allows you to easily send hyper-personalized business mail with attention-getting postcards. The best part? You don’t have to worry about learning any new technology –creating postal mail is the same as writing a text or email.

Plus, with no minimums or set-up charges and all mail sent first-class anywhere in the world, CLOSEM is a no-brainer for anyone looking to up their communication game. Say goodbye to emails that don’t get opened or read and hello to meaningful, personalized communication with CLOSEM.

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