Badger Lifetime Deal: Effortlessly Generate Customizable SEO Reports

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Badger is a powerful SEO reporting tool for agencies and freelancers that automates SEO data collection and generates customizable reports quickly.

Badger is packed with features that help digital marketers, agencies, and SEO professionals generate comprehensive data reports.

Getting started is easy. Simply create an account and connect to data sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Semrush.

You’ll also be able to generate stunning visual charts, such as line graphs and pie charts, to visualize your data.

Badger allows you to view, share, and customize your data using visual charts.

With the ability to select and filter data, you have full control over the appearance of your charts.

You can choose from ready-made templates or customize the layout to match your project’s aesthetic.

If you want to provide additional context for each chart, you can insert comments to guide your clients through the report and save private notes for yourself.

You can add annotations to your charts to help clients understand the context or save private comments for your own reference.

With Badger, you can also add logos to your reports to give them a professional look that aligns with your branding.

And by integrating with Semrush, you can access data on organic keywords, volume, position, and cost-per-click.

No more dealing with low-quality screenshots. Badger makes it easy to generate tailored reports with data-backed insights.

By integrating with data sources like Semrush, Badger provides an overview of organic keywords.

What’s more, you can analyze your customers’ website data using AI algorithms and generate actionable feedback comments.

Badger even allows you to customize and edit each comment, so you can add your own expertise and insights.

Once you’re done, you can share reports with clients using a public URL, allowing them easy access to their metrics from any device.

Use a public URL to share reports with clients, making it easy for them to access their metrics.

Managing all the different aspects of your customers’ data can be overwhelming. But with Badger, you have the tools to connect data sources, create professional visual charts, and deliver insightful SEO reports with just a few clicks.

Automate your SEO reports.

Get lifetime access to Badger today!

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