Social Testimony: Display & Collect Testimonials from Customers

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Lifetime pricing starts at $29.00

Harness the Power of Social Testimony with Our Lifetime Deal

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of client testimonials in showcasing the success of your business. Whether they are shared through emails, messages, or on social media platforms, these testimonials have the potential to significantly boost your sales and attract new customers. Now, you may be wondering how to efficiently and reliably display these testimonials on your website, right?

Look no further, because our Social Testimony Lifetime Deal is here to solve this challenge for you in no time.

Social Testimony offers all the answers to your pressing questions and provides an effective solution for dynamically adding and updating client testimonials. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a code onto your website, and within just two minutes, your clients’ testimonials will be beautifully showcased.

Here’s what our comprehensive testimony solution has to offer:

1. Easy-to-Use Dashboard: Manage all your testimonials in one convenient location. You can easily cross-display testimonials across multiple sites, verify, publish, or draft a testimony, and effortlessly update all your testimonials.

2. Customizable Look and Feel: Start with our elegant transparent glass testimony design, seamlessly blending with any website and background. Alternatively, customize the appearance right from your dashboard to perfectly suit your needs, without requiring any coding skills.

3. Import Social Posts Directly: Have a positive tweet from a satisfied customer? Fantastic! Import it directly to your dashboard with a direct link to the tweet, enhancing trust and credibility. You can also import reviews from Trustpilot, tweets from Twitter, comments/posts from Reddit, and comments from Product Hunt.

4. Seamless Website Integration: Our social testimony display seamlessly integrates into your website. Just take a look at the live example above. The intelligent AI automatically adjusts the height, width, and number of testimonials to perfectly fit the screen of your website visitors, all with just two lines of code.

5. Testimony Collection Page: Create a dedicated page on your website for collecting testimonials. You can even include multiple collection pages to build an impressive testimony wall.

Rest assured, Social Testimony is compatible with various website platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and many more.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to harness the power of social testimony. Take advantage of our lifetime deal today!

Features Overview:

– Streamlined dashboard for managing testimonials
– Customizable testimonial design
– Direct import of social posts for enhanced trust
– Seamless integration into your website
– Dedicated testimony collection page
– Compatibility with popular website platforms


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