Centered – Boost Productivity with AI Coaching for Faster Completion of Work

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Centered is a focus-enhancing web app that offers free AI productivity coaching and other features designed to boost productivity.

Centered is an AI-powered productivity coach that makes it easy to power through your work and get more done.

This AI coach sends you nudges if you get distracted by time-wasting sites and apps to help you stay on task (and off TikTok). Just connect your smartphone via QR code!

You’ll also receive alerts about upcoming meetings, so you don’t accidentally blow off an important client or colleague.

Your AI productivity coach helps you stay on task until you’re done with the day.

Thanks to the customizable Pomodoro timer, you’ll be able to work and take breaks at regular intervals.

Starting your timer automatically enables Do Not Disturb mode on your device, silencing any distracting notifications and alerts.

And because your health goals are just as important as your business goals, your AI coach also periodically reminds you to breathe, hydrate, and stretch.

Use the built-in Pomodoro timer to avoid distractions on both mobile and desktop.

With Centered, you get access to hours of focus music like binaural beats, nature sounds, ambient sounds, and hundreds of other tracks.

You’ll be able to adjust audio levels for your music and AI coach, so you’re not getting yelled at over your gentle background music.

Want to listen to your own music, instead? It’s a cinch to connect Spotify playlists and listen to your favorite tunes while you work.

Put yourself in a productive mood with hundreds of tracks created to help you focus.

With this app, you can create a task list for work sessions, including time estimates for every task on the docket that day.

Sync your tasks from Asana, Linear, and Todoist so you don’t have to update all those different boards every day.

You’ll even get a productivity score based on session duration, avoiding distractions, practicing healthy habits, and managing your tasks.

Check your productivity score after each work session to measure your progress.

Without structure, your day can quickly morph into the work version of senioritis. (“How can this be happening when I’ve chugged so much coffee?!”)

That’s why Centered gives you access to free AI productivity coaching, Pomodoro timers, hours of focus music, and your own productivity score, so you get more done.

Do your best work.

Get lifetime access to Centered today!

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