Lifetime Deal for Socialscribe: Generate Social Opt-in Buttons

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Lifetime pricing starts at $69.00

Lifetime access to Socialscribe

Are you in search of an effortless way to embed social sign-up buttons on your website for email subscriptions without the need for coding? Introducing Socialscribe Lifetime Deal.

Socialscribe makes signing up and boosting your newsletter’s landing page conversion rates easier and smoother. The Socialscribe buttons allow potential subscribers to sign up with their social accounts with just a single click. This quick and easy improvement over the regular email capture replaces the slow method of typing out personal details like names and email addresses.

Socialscribe Buttons work just like the ‘Sign up with Google/Twitter’ buttons you see on web apps, only these are specifically for newsletters. You can embed these buttons anywhere on your website to make signing up for your email newsletter a breeze.

Here are 3 significant advantages of Socialscribe:
1. Get your subscriber’s full name, Github, and Twitter username by public profiles with the buttons.
2. No more lost subscribers who forget to confirm their subscription. The email address comes from Google, Twitter, or GitHub, where they have already been verified.
3. A one-time, 100% customizable set-up without coding required. You are in complete control of the button’s appearance with a few links.

Socialscribe currently works with ConvertKit, MailerLite, EmailOctopus, Ghost, Revue, SendFox, and ActiveCampaign. However, custom integration can be personalized upon request. Additionally, Google, Twitter, and GitHub login buttons, with upcoming integrations, are readily available now.


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