Lifetime Deal on OpenMyLink: QR Codes and URL Shortener

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Lifetime pricing starts at $49.00

The process of scouring for digital marketing tools can often be exhausting and consume a lot of time. The perfect solution would be a single product that offers a variety of tools all in one place. Fortunately, we have an appealing opportunity for you: the OpenMyLink Lifetime Deal. This product offers a bundle of marketing tools, including Bio Pages, QR codes, a URL shortener, and many other features.

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Unlimited QR codes and URL shorteners can be generated from attractive profile pages featuring a variety of information blocks and styles. Keep track of clicks to optimize marketing campaigns with features such as pixel management and multiple marketing techniques.

Benefit from an array of marketing tools, including branded domains, splash/overlay pages, a link rotator, URL bookmarking, user history, geotargeting, device targeting, and language targeting via a powerful dashboard.

Create a landing page that is trackable and contains links to your social media profiles with a bio page.

Shortened aliases for lengthy URLs, or Bio Links, can be created using URL shortening. Short links save space when displayed, printed, messaged, or tweeted, and users are less likely to make typing errors.

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