Fixatime Lifetime Deal: Flex Your Scheduling Power

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Lifetime pricing starts at $39.00

Fixatime Lifetime Deal

Are endless phone calls and emails to arrange meetings sapping your energy?

Introducing Fixatime Lifetime Deal, the solution to all your scheduling problems. Bid farewell to scheduling conflicts and welcome more control over your appointments with Fixatime.

Fixatime’s unique time-zone management makes it ideal for scheduling calls globally, providing you with control and flexibility without the complexity and privacy breaches.

Whether it’s a one-on-one or team meeting, Fixatime has you covered. Its user-friendly interface enables you to schedule appointments and meetings with ease.

You’ll never have to Google time zones again. Fixatime’s built-in time zone converter lets you schedule meetings conveniently for everyone. Check all meetings from all your calendars in different time zones. Select up to three preferred time zones to view how your meetings appear to your clients worldwide.

Synchronize up to six different calendars, including Google and Outlook, to manage all your events in one place. Fixatime checks your availability across all your connected calendars and ensures the absence of overlaps.

Fixatime upholds your privacy, ensuring that your calendar data is never stored and encryption is used when working with it.

Schedule any type of meeting with Fixatime’s intuitive interface. You can organize group meetings with just a few clicks, schedule one-on-one meetings without sharing your calendar, and poll group availability for meetings.

Fixatime is an ideal solution for anyone scheduling calls across continents and time zones who values privacy and better control of their schedules.

As a bonus, you can also include your phone number or address for in-person meetings. Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Zoom are available.

Suited for business or personal scheduling, remote work, client and job interviews, the Fixatime Lifetime Deal gives you the control and flexibility you need.

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