Caisy: Utilize a Headless CMS to Manage Your Content

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Caisy is a headless content management system that simplifies the creation, storage, and management of digital content across different platforms and devices.

Caisy lets you organize your work into organizations, groups, and projects, and switch between them with ease. Its multi-tenancy feature allows you to centralize all your content and resources, maintaining a consistent design across projects. You can manage multiple projects, teams, and clients from a single dashboard.

With Caisy, you can display your content in multiple languages, making it easier to reach a larger audience. After setting your translation preferences, the platform automatically translates content based on user location. You can choose from over 30 languages, and translate everything with just a click.

Caisy auto-saves previous versions of your work, allowing you to compare and select the most effective elements to publish. This feature helps you consistently deliver high-quality content across your marketing channels. You can experiment with different content elements without the risk of losing your work.

You can tailor your content structure to suit your specific needs, from custom data models to data grain across different platforms and devices. Rearrange project components by dragging and dropping them, and the changes will update automatically. You can clone existing projects with duplicate properties, or use caisy’s customizable templates to speed up project launches.

Caisy has many features to help create, manage, and share your digital content your way. With this content management system, you can optimize your content strategy and streamline project management.

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