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PubCoder is a tool that enables you to produce engaging digital content for publishing as native apps for iOS and Android, as well as ebooks and on HTML5.

With PubCoder, you can create mobile-ready digital content effortlessly, without requiring coding or design skills. This means you can publish apps that are responsive to different screen sizes and devices, including iOS, Android, ebook, and HTML5 and adapt them to any language for distribution globally.

PubCoder’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor lets you add interactive elements, animations, videos, and sounds without prior knowledge of coding or design. Your content will detect clicks, swipes, shakes, and other touch gestures on desktop and mobile devices. You can include interactive widgets like games, quizzes, and questionnaires to make your content more engaging. Furthermore, if you have programming skills, you can take advantage of the fully-featured code editor to customize HTML headers, fine-tune CSS, or run custom JavaScript.

PubCoder allows you to synchronize highlighted text with an audio file that reads the text content aloud. It enhances accessibility and convenience for people who have difficulty reading text. Moreover, PubCoder’s audio synchronization is fully supported on all export formats, with built-in media overlays that provide a continuous listening experience.

Preview your project anytime and make changes as required before publishing. Once finished, you can export your project in various formats like HTML for the web or interactive EPUB. PubCoder enables you to publish your digital content as a native app for iOS and Android, to the App Store, Google Play, or external applications like Apple iBooks. PubCoder automatically validates your ebooks to ensure compliance with EPUB standards, making it ready for distribution in all digital bookstores.

You don’t need to resort to strange Internet fads to produce engaging digital content. With PubCoder, you can create multi-platform content without any coding limitations or design restrictions. Get lifetime access to PubCoder today!

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