Exclusive Lifetime Offer: Climbo Online Reviews for just $49

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Lifetime pricing

Climbo is the software platform that will help your business to maximize the influence of online reviews.

With Climbo, you’ll start getting more favorable Google reviews in a few months, distribute them automatically on your website, and start drawing online clients.

For your company or your clients (if you run a marketing agency), use Climbo to quickly gather, organize, and distribute reviews:

  • Send review requests by email, text message, whatsapp, QR code, and your landing page in order to avoid bad reviews and only receive 4-5 star ratings;
  • Eliminate unfavorable encounters to safeguard your company from bad press;
  • Encourage satisfied customers to submit 4-5 star reviews on Google and other platforms;
  • Read and reply to reviews from a single dashboard;
  • Share auto-generated review postings on your Facebook and Instagram sites;
  • Include social proof widgets on your website (carousel, feed, badge, etc.).

Increase the number of positive Google reviews.

Send tailored review requests via WhatsApp or email, and encourage happy customers to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

Stay away from negative feedback.

Protect your online reputation by automatically directing disgruntled consumers to contact you privately rather than leaving a nasty review publicly.

Attract clients by posting reviews on your website.

Use Climbo widgets to display reviews on your website. The positive feedback from your customers will persuade website visitors to choose you.

Over 1.000 local companies worldwide use Climbo to improve their reviews.

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