Lifetime Deal for Wanalytics

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Lifetime pricing starts at $20.00

Lifetime deal for Wanalytics:
Real-time visitor tracking without compromising privacy. Provides privacy-centric web analytics.

Analytics Features:
Realtime – Detailed real-time website traffic report.
Overview – In-depth overview of website statistics.
Behavior – Analysis of the most optimized website pages.
Acquisitions – Obtain information on the channels from where website visitors originate.
Geographic – Geo-locate website visitors up to city-level categories.
Technology – Analyze the devices and software used by website visitors.
Events – Create customized events and keep track of their conversions.
Export – Comprehensively export website statistics in CSV format.

WAnalytics Key Features:
Simple – View stats in a user-friendly way.
Private – No IP tracking, fingerprinting, or cookies are present.
Lightweight – Tracking code is less than 1kb.
Compliant – Complies with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR regulations.
Yours – 100% ownership of all user data.

Plan details include:
10k Visitors Monthly
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Events
API Access
Email Reports
Data Ownership
Data export

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