Unlimited Banner Widget Creation with Answerly Banner Lifetime Deal

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Lifetime pricing starts at $29.00

Lifetime Deal for Answerly Banner

Answerly Banner is a versatile widget that can be installed anywhere on your website, allowing you to provide important updates about your visitors or your business quickly.

But that’s not all.

The Banner Widget offers unlimited visual customization options.

Don’t rely on guesswork to assess the effectiveness of the widget!

You can access the reports section in the dashboard to view the performance of each of your banner widgets.

Introducing the Lifetime Deal for Answerly Banner

Watch the review videos.

Create multiple banner widgets, utilize our intuitive targeting system to reach specific visitors, and employ dynamic variables to personalize greetings with customers’ names or display crucial information like order status.

Overview Images

Customize with Your Unique Touch

Unleash Your Creativity with Color Studio

Access a Wide Range of Fonts at Your Fingertips

Harness the Power of Dynamic Variables

Enhance Support with Reports and Data

Product Dashboard Images

Tailor the appearance of the Banner Widget to match your branding by modifying colors, shadows, and fonts, seamlessly integrating it as a third-party widget that goes unnoticed by your visitors.

Included Features:
Color Studio – Customize any color of the banner
Font Studio – Choose from a selection of 200 fonts
Rich Content – Add links, text styles, and emojis to the banner
Dynamic Content – Incorporate customers’ names within the banner
Multiple layout options
Background patterns
Create and edit banners with API access
Banner performance reports and data
Target specific visitors by displaying the banner only to a particular type of website visitor
And many more features.
All future updates for the Banner widget will be available to users of the highest paid version (Banner Widget Pro).



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