AkioSurvey Gathering Survey Data Tool $49 Lifetime Exclusive Deal

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Lifetime pricing

AkioSurvey is making online surveys a breeze. It’s easy-to-use, and packed with plenty of helpful features.

AkioSurvey offers a crisp, intuitive user interface that makes gathering survey data easier than ever. Plus real time individual survey response tracking and summary options give you more control over your results. For extra convenience AkioSurvey even allows you to export poll results in PDF, XLS, or CSV formats.

Survey branching on page and question levels allows you to control response flow and ask questions based on previous respondent’s answers. AkioSurvey even has mobile optimization capabilities so no matter what format your survey takes it looks great on any device.


AkioSurvey can be used for a variety of situations from customer satisfaction surveys to employee engagement surveys, and even 360-degree surveys, student surveys, and patient satisfaction surveys.

AkioSurvey also allows you to conduct online market research and scheduling poll surveys too! Submitted responses can even be automatically disqualified based on concrete conditions, which makes the response analysis even faster and easier. What’s more, AkioSurvey also delivers response review analysis in realtime, helping you make data-driven decisions instantly.


AkioSurvey offers 14 different question types, a secure respondent authentication process, multi-language support and various response design capabilities such as branching.

AkioSurvey also allows you to customize the look of your survey with survey branding, and you can conveniently export your survey results in PDF, XLS or CSV formats. AkioSurvey is the perfect tool to help you get the most out of surveying your customers.


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