Improve Sales Efficiency with Heybase Digital Sales Rooms

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Heybase allows you to create virtual sales rooms with interactive features like videos and calendar links, enabling you to close deals faster.

The drag-and-drop editor in Heybase helps you build virtual sales rooms so you can pitch to prospects anytime, anywhere.

You can choose from a variety of embed blocks to integrate contracts, calendars, proposals, payment links, and more.

In your sales room, you can record and embed videos to add a personal touch, such as a personalized welcome message.

Additionally, Heybase allows you to share proposal microsites, virtual deal rooms, and smart sales decks that are effective in closing deals.

You can easily incorporate elements like proposals, calendars, and payment links into your sales room.

Once everything is ready, Heybase will generate a shareable link that you can send to your prospects directly.

Best of all, recipients don’t need an account to access the content—they can join the sales room right away!

Furthermore, you can track user activity from the main dashboard, including new openings, comments, and actions.

You can monitor all activities in your virtual sales room from the main dashboard.

Say goodbye to long email chains! Your prospects can ask questions and leave comments directly in the sales room.

You can set up email notifications to stay updated on all communication and respond promptly.

Heybase allows you to add multiple team members to a sales room, ensuring someone is always available to close the deal.

Heybase will notify you of any new comments and questions within the platform and via email.

You have access to the real-time activity log, allowing you to track the engagement and performance of all ongoing sales.

You can view real-time statistics, such as activity timestamps, comments, and time spent in the room.

Additionally, Heybase generates predictive insights to determine which prospects are likely to close and which ones require more attention.

You can keep track of recent activity in all your ongoing sales using the activity log.

You don’t have to deal with traditional methods like Tupperware parties or door-to-door sales to grow your business. (“I don’t have samples, but if you sit around my laptop, I can show you how to login.”)

Fortunately, by using Heybase, you can build virtual sales rooms with personalized materials and real-time analytics to close more deals.

Boost your sales from anywhere.

Get lifetime access to Heybase today!

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