Deskfirst: Enjoy User-Friendly Desktops for Easy File Sharing

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Deskfirst allows users to easily drag-and-drop files onto a user-friendly, online desktop that can be shared with teams, stakeholders, and clients.

With Deskfirst, users can create online desktops for their projects, each with its own name, branding, storage limits, and sharing permissions.

Thanks to its familiar UI, all you need to do is drag and drop your files as if you were using a desktop, but it’s completely online and accessed directly from your browser!

Additionally, the built-in file explorer lets you upload your files across multiple folder windows at the same time.

Deskfirst UI

Drag and drop files just like you would using a desktop!

You can share your online desktops via email to let your team and clients access everything directly from their browsers.

Deskfirst even lets you set granular permissions: Viewer, Editor, and Manager, so you’re always in control of your projects.

For quick access, you’ll be able to create view-only links that let people open important assets without any editing permissions.

Share desktop

Share online desktops via email or a shareable link with 100% control over user permissions!

Whether you’re working internally or with clients, Deskfirst makes it easy to create an online desktop that fits your unique brand.

You’ll be able to customize background colors, logos, add cover images, as well as arrange your brand assets in whatever order works for you.

Want to make it look even more polished? Browse the integrated Unsplash library and choose a background image for your online desktop.


Customize the background colors, images, and embed a logo for every desktop.

If you frequently work with media files, Deskfirst has you covered with its built-in gallery and media player!

You can use the gallery and media player to view photos, watch videos, or play audio files of various formats directly from the platform — no extra tools required!

This means you’ll have everything you need to share deliverables with stakeholders and create unique workspaces for your clients.

Gallery and Media player

View photos and videos using the built-in image gallery and media player.

Projects are already complicated enough without messy file storage and constant back-and-forth. (“My favorite thing about collaborating is the sweet relief of signing off.”)

Luckily, with Deskfirst, you can share files, organize projects, and collaborate with anyone via customizable, online desktops.

Simplify your file management and sharing.

Get lifetime access to Deskfirst today!

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