Zendata – Automate data security management Lifetime Deal

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Zendata is an automated data privacy solution that helps you monitor your data flow and keep it secure across your entire stack.

Zendata enables the detection of potential security threats and privacy risks on websites and applications across all the countries where you operate. You can monitor the sources of data risks, follow GDPR and CCPA regulations, and identify third-party integrations that could compromise your data.

Zendata also offers data visualization in real-time, which helps you understand the data flow of your website or application, including what information is being collected and shared with third parties. You can generate a complete website vulnerability report by submitting a URL and selecting a country. The report breaks down potential risks and recommends solutions to fix them.

This data risk management tool provides a simple code scanner to manage risks down to your source code and keep your development pipelines compliant. Additionally, it makes managing compliance with cookie policies and consent modules simple, and helps monitor and categorize cookies automatically to prevent errors.

With Zendata, you can prevent data breaches by scanning and identifying any improper storage of personally identifiable information (PII) and protect PII from data leaks. Use the PII scanner to generate a detailed data map of personal data across your entire tech stack.

Zendata ensures data security and risk prevention across your entire stack, including web applications and codebase. Keep your data secure by getting lifetime access to Zendata today.

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