Linko link shortening tool with a lifetime deal

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Lifetime pricing starts at $99.00

Linko Lifetime Deal is a comprehensive link-shortening platform that addresses the issue of low website visitor-to-buyer conversion rates. Statistics show that 96% of website visitors are not buyers, and only 4% make a purchase. With Linko, you can track the origin of that 4% to optimize your leads and conversions. Linko is an excellent tool for marketers as it offers custom redirection, targeting, and in-depth analytics.

It also has features such as Geo-Targeting, Device Targeting, and Language Targeting capabilities with Meta tags and Custom parameters/UTM for every link you shorten. Linko is designed for sales and marketing and has a powerful dashboard, smart targeting, and tracking analytics. This service suits marketers, affiliates, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers. Some unique features are custom aliases, link rotator, link cloaking, and completely white-labeled. It is easy to use and includes a trash can to delete unwanted links.

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