Presents Flomill: The Ultimate End-To-End Scheduling Tool Exclusive Lifetime Deal

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Flomill Lifetime Deal

Businesses typically follow up at least three times with the people they are trying to reach. However, they follow up with only a small percentage of those who signed up for a sales meeting. Prospects requesting a demo on your website are at the peak of their interest level and ready to have a conversation and book. But, the call-back time from sales teams is 1-2 days, which makes them move on to other solutions.

Introducing Flomill Lifetime Deal

Flomill is an inbound sales automation platform connecting relevant leads with the sales team directly. It enables employees to generate, qualify, schedule, route, and manage leads in one place.

Webinar with Sajal Agrawal (Co-founder) of Flomill

About Flomill:
Flomill is a scheduling and sales software for inbound sales automation, lead generation, and intelligent scheduling. The user-friendly interface allows employees to set up the application, and its cloud-based engine enables them to seamlessly manage leads in real-time. Not just this, its integration platform allows users to integrate custom channels of communication like Zoom and Google Meet, calendars like Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar, or CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.

How does Flomill work?
Flomill filters inbound leads and sets up instant/scheduled appointments with target clients for your sales team. Every lead is given the attention it deserves, and you never miss meeting your next target client.

1. Lead Manager: Don’t miss a single inbound lead. Meet your qualified leads immediately; communicate politely with the unqualified ones.
2. Attractive Widget: Select from our list of visually appealing and extremely easy-to-navigate widgets to improve conversion rates.
3. Filter the qualified leads: Orchestrate your lead flow. Select your criteria, and we will funnel the qualified leads to the sales team instantaneously.
4. Meet your prospect: No more wasting time on back-and-forth communication. Let your prospects directly schedule an appointment through Flomill.
5. Multi-user facility: Integrate the entire sales team’s calendar with Flomill. Route leads to all to ensure not a single opportunity is lost.
6. Seamless integration: Flomill can be integrated with your sales CRM without any compatibility issues to capture all lead-related details.

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