Lifetime Deal: Get MinChat An All-In-One Chat Solution in Minutes

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Lifetime pricing starts at $49.00

Launch your real-time messaging features now with our MinChat Lifetime Deal. You can add a comprehensive all-in-one chat solution to your website, web app, or mobile app in minutes, saving you long development periods. Our pack of MinChat offers a chat API with in-app chat UI using a chat SDK, SDK for different frameworks suitable for you, and webhook functionality.

Key Features of MiniChat:
– MinChat offers everything essential to deploying your in-app chat feature, allowing you to build faster.
– MinChat’s chat API provides all necessary features to construct your website or app’s in-app chat feature in record time.
– MinChat’s built-in chat UI builder can customize the design and feel, so you don’t need to write any code at all.
– MinChat readily delivers personalized experiences for your users through the in-app chat UI builder.
– MinChat offers fully functional and developer-friendly chat API, so you can tailor-make your app’s in-app chat UI.
– MinChat offers numerous chat use cases and allows you to build a feature in minutes instead of months, including private 1-to-1, group chat with up to 80 members, and private in-app chat for vast groups with up to 255 members.
– MinChat’s chat API has a robust notification system that supports push notifications and provides extensive chat API documentation to get started with MinChat’s chat API quickly.

MinChat has Startup Plan, which provides a limitation of up to 7500 monthly active users, unlimited messages, and 3 months of message retention. The Roadmap includes video and audio calls that can be easily integrated into your in-app chat feature.


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