Instantly Debug and Share Code with Code Snippets AI for VSCODE

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Code Snippets AI is a Visual Studio Code extension that can generate, refactor, debug, optimize, and store code for your team.

To integrate an AI programming assistant into Visual Studio Code, simply install the Code Snippets AI extension.

This extension offers four leading AI models to choose from: ChatGPT, GPT-4, Google PaLM 2, and Claude.

You can instantly refactor any code by highlighting it and letting the AI assistant suggest optimizations.

Refactoring code

Identify performance bottlenecks in your code and optimize it with the help of AI.

In the editor, you can access an AI chat window to connect with your AI assistant at any time.

Say goodbye to Stack Overflow! This AI assistant can analyze any section of code to reveal its functionality and identify errors.

Code Snippets AI can even generate code for specific tasks, saving you from tedious work throughout the week.

Generate code

Generate code with the click of a button to finish your projects even sooner.

Save reusable snippets of code in a library that you and your team can access via the platform’s website.

You can add notes to code snippets, which is useful for creating internal documentation.

Furthermore, all your snippets are securely stored and inaccessible to anyone, including the Code Snippets AI team!

Snippet library

Create a library of code snippets that you can access at any time.

Even better, this AI assistant can explain any code snippet, eliminating the need for guesswork when reviewing your team’s code.

You can integrate saved snippets into your code by simply selecting them from the AI chat window.

And with just one click, you can add custom code to your snippet library, saving your developers valuable time.

Reuse code

Plug in snippets from your library and add custom code in just one click.

With AI assistance, you can write elegant code in no time. (“This masterpiece deserves more than a C++.”)

Code Snippet AI helps you refactor, debug, and optimize your code, while also providing a library of reusable snippets for efficient development.

Upgrade your coding workflow.

Get lifetime access to Code Snippets AI today!

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