Discover Meetzy: Empower Hubspot with Intelligent Lead Routing

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Meetzy helps sales teams qualify, route, and book meetings between inbound leads and the right sales reps at scale.

In just a few clicks, Meetzy lets you link your Hubspot or Salesforce CRM to set up faster lead routing to your team.

This platform can automatically pull all the lead forms from your CRM so you don’t have to recreate them from scratch.

Plus, it can pull in team members registered on your CRM, giving you everything on hand to convert your leads fast.


Boost your speed-to-lead with intelligent lead routing.

Meetzy makes it easy to set up routing rules based on form answers so you can prioritize your most qualified leads.

You’ll be able to assign any qualified lead to multiple reps by choosing team members from the drop-down menu.

Use round-robin or CRM performance so you can spread leads evenly or funnel leads toward your top closers.


Identify and prioritize qualified leads based on how they fill out your forms.

You can direct qualified leads to a booking page on your website, where they can schedule a call with your chosen reps.

Meetzy can also redirect unqualified leads to a custom message that removes them from your sales funnel.

Since you’ll only be scheduling sales calls with qualified leads, your team will be able to massively boost your speed-to-lead times and conversion rate.


Qualified leads are taken directly to a booking page to schedule a meeting.

Best of all, you can integrate Meetzy through your site header or Google Tag Manager, enabling powerful routing features across your website.

You’ll be able to view metrics like visitors, leads, bookings, and average conversion rates right from your dashboard.

And since you can spot and troubleshoot any setup issues, you don’t have to worry about losing sales to a human error.


Get a bird’s eye view of your performance from the main dashboard.

With smart lead routing, your next quarter is about to be off the charts. (“Literally, the graph can’t fit on the whiteboard.”)

Meetzy helps you take your Hubspot or Salesforce CRM to the next level, letting you put high-quality leads in front of the right sales rep every time.

Close more leads in record time.

Get lifetime access to Meetzy today!

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